Monday, December 31, 2012

Find #202

Necklace, Hoodie(mesh) and Skirt(mesh): La petite fleur - lucky letter prize

Find #201

Dress(mesh): dolle* - group tag gift(little item with store logo. NOT the bag)

Find #200

Hat with Hair, Top, Scarf, Bloomers & Skirt: :::**Ray Skin**::: - Group Gift #2 *Jayro* (free)

Find #199

Hat, Bow Nom & Dress: xxYOME SHOUJOxx - Lucky Letter Board (free)
Boots: Dot-Be Fashion !! - Part of December Gift (free)

Find #198

on the left
Skin: Gola - group tag gift
Loose Hoodie(mesh): Le petite fleur - free
Boots(mesh): Athor - group tag gift

on the right
 Skin: Gola - Subscriber Gift (free)
 Loose Hoodie(mesh): Le petite fleur - free
Leggings: Romiskin - December Gift (free)
Boots: Adore&Abhor - Subscriber Gift in 8 colors (free)

Find #197

Dress(mesh) and Shoes: FLG - group tag gift

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Find #194

Skin and Shape: kokane - group tag gift
Tank Top(mesh), Shorts(mesh) and Shoes: Amarelo Manga - store hunt gift

Find #193

Top(mesh) and Trouser(mesh): Emery - group tag gift
Boots: Bee Make - group tag gift (1L to join)

Find #192

Earrings and Dress(mesh): JuiceD - free

Find #191

Dress(mesh) and Sweater(mesh): kokane - free (join subscriber and touch board)
Jeans: Dot-Be Fashion !! - December Gift (free)
Shoes: Chandelle - store hunt gift

Find #190

Skin: Hope - group tag gift
Dress: Avale - 1L

Find #189

Sweater, Jeans and Boots: TuTy's - free

Find #188

Skin: Mojo - group tag gift
Necklace and Dress: G Field - free

Friday, December 28, 2012

Find #187

Mesh Tail & Bikini Top: //elephante poses//  (couple pose included with outfit) - New In 2013 Hunt Gift (free) 
Skin: cStar Limited - New In 2013 Hunt Gift (free)

Find #186

Hair: *hairshop nodoka* - Group Gift (free) 
Skin:  **MDL**  - Lucky Letter Board (free) 
Sweatshirt: [Sheep Door] - Group Gift (free)  
Jeans: 20.FIVE - New In 2013 Hunt Gift (free) 
Shoes: **MDL**  - Group Gift (free)

Find #185

Ears: ***Call *** - Lucky Letter Board (free) 
Mesh Shirt & Leggings: DCNY Clothing Co. @ Lo Lo, Lo Lo - Holiday Gift (1L)
Boots: Lethal Couture - Group Gift (free)

Find #184

Mesh Coat, Leggings, Boots: {PopTart} - Group Gift (free)

Find #183

Backpack, Corset, Skirt, Leggings and Boots: May's Soul - free gift

Find #182

Hat, Fur, Dress(mesh) and Boots: Gabriel - group tag gift

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Find #181

Hair: *Alice Project* - New In 2013 Hunt Gift (free)
Skin: *MY UGLYDOROTHY  - December Group Gift (free)
Mesh Sweater: MiWardrobe - Group Gift [in 5 colors] (free)
Leggings: -ATTIC- - New In 2013 Hunt Gift (free)
Boots: blah.BLAH.blah - Joyful Christmas Hunt Gift (free)

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Find #180

Dress(mesh): piccara - group tag gift

Find #179

Dress(mesh): G Field - group tag gift

Find #178

Dress(mesh): Tentacio - free
Boots: Tentacio - free

Find #177

Eyes: IKON - New in 2013 Hunt Gift (free)
Skin: Violetta - Opening Gift (free)
Mesh Scarf & Arm Warmers: .::IRON CLAW::.  - New in 2013 Hunt Gift (free)
Mesh Dress: *RoTtEn DeFiAnCe* - New in 2013 Hunt Gift (free)
Shoes: Baby Monkey @ FabFree Headquarters (free)

Find #176

Earrings, Necklace, Bracelets, Skin, Shape, Dress(mesh) and Boots: JStyLe - group tag gift

Find #175

Hair: Lelutka -   In Subscriber Message #1 (free)
Lipstick: Eye Candi [Natalie Lipstick Tattoo]- New In 2013 Hunt (free)
Dress with Applier: HolliPocket - Joyful Christmas Hunt (free)
Ice Skates: PARADISIS - Store Gift (free)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Find #174

Hat & Mesh Hair: [LeLutka & Celoe] - Group Gift (free)
Long Coat: Fierce Designs - Christmas Gift Under Tree (free)
Boots: **Bee Make** - Group Gift (1L to join group)

Friday, December 21, 2012

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Find #158

Dress and Socks: A4A - Thanks for the Mammaries Hunt Gift

Find #157

Mesh Shirt & Necklace: .::YoPulga::. Mini Christmas Hunt (free) 
Mesh Shorts: : ) BCC.  [Zoe Shorts] - Group Gift (free)
Stockings: .::Pink Sugah::. - Group Gift (free)

Find #156

Hat: Mimi Noire - Kiyomizu Winter Treasure Hunt
Lipstick & Sweater: .::YoPulga::. Mini Christmas Hunt (free)
Mesh Jeans: AngelRED [Warrant Jeans] - Lucky Chair (free)
Shoes: [Perseus] - Group Gift (free)

Find #155

Skin: MDL - Marketplace Promo (1L)
Corset, Shorts, Tights, Boomers & Arm Warmers: Bitch Tail - Thanks for the Mammaries Hunt Gift (free)

Find #154

Skin: ::Envious:: Christmas Skin - Group Gift (free)
Bra & Panties with Appliers: .::Pink Sugah::. - Thanks for the Mammaries Hunt Gift (free)
Shoes: ::CHoOoZ:: [Cosette] Marketplace Promo (1L)