Monday, June 30, 2014

Find #493

Hair: Tameless Hair - Vera - Mega Pack
Group Gift Tag (free to join) [free]

Swimsuit: [Amarelo Manga] - Swimsuit Sahy [Nautical] 
Group Gift Tag (free to join) [free]

Find #492

Hair: Tameless Hair - Vera - Mega Pack
Group Gift Tag (free to join) [free]

Bodysuit: **Orsini** Fashion Store - raunch group gift - with Appliers
Group Gift Tag (free to join) [free]

Find #491

Hair: pr!tty - Elle - .Fatpack. (Group Exclusive) (in group notices) [free]
Dress: * ANIN a GRIS * - Group Gift Tag (free to join) [free]
SLink for Flat Feet Sandals: FABOO.Faboo. MESA GIFT SANDALS - ORIENT for SLFO 
Group Gift Tag (free to join) [free]

Friday, June 27, 2014

Find #490

Hair: .:{Rumina}:. - Jessica - Group Gift Tag (free to join) [free] 
Skin, Shape, Socks, Dress & Boots: Heaven's Gate - Group Lucky Letter Board (free to join) [free]

Find #489

Hair: ""D!va"" - 25000 group member celebration  gift 
Group Gift Tag (free to join) [free]
Skin & Shape: -POUDRE- [Gin] Black Dream 
Gift SL Frees & Offers (free to join) [free]

Dress: **BN designs** 
July Group Gift Tag (free to join) [free]

Slink for Mid feet Shoes: FABOO - PARIS 
Group Gift Tag (free to join) [free]

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Find #488

Hair: .:{Rumina}:. - Alyssa - Anniversary Gift - Group Gift Tag (free to join) [free]

Skin: MOJO - Suzanne - Group Gift Tag (free to join) [free] 
Bikini: MoDANNA (Appliers: Tango, Mirage, Azz, UL Ghetto, Skiing Brazilia) - Group Gift Tag (free to join) [free] 

Find #487

Skin & Shape: Heaven's Gate - White day Gift Skin - Group Gift Tag (free to join) [free] 

Shirt and Rings: MoiMoi - Get Gold - Group Gift Tag (free to join) [free] 

Shorts: S@BBiA:: Denim Shorts - Group Gift Tag (free to join) [free]

Necklace: Pure Poison - Roxanne Necklace - Group Gift Tag (free to join) [free]

Sandals for SLink Flat: Pure Poison - Logo  Sandals  for SLINk Flat - 
Group Gift Tag (free to join) [free]

Find #486

Top w/ Tango Applier & Pants: ::Purple Candy:: - Ring my bell white - Lucky Letter Chair [free]

Shoes: .::Joops::. ~Yellow Pumps with Bow ~ Group Gift Tag (free to join) [free]

Find #485

Skin: ~PixyStix~ ::Winnifred:: 
(w/ Appliers for Tango, Baby Bump L.Ink, Loud Mouth, SLink, Skiing & ul)
Group Gift Tag (free to join) [free]

Bodysuit: ~PixyStix~ - Skele Bodysuit - Group Gift Tag (free to join) [free]

Boots: .::Joops::. ~ Purple Rainboots ~ Group Gift Tag (free to join) [free]

Necklace: . Sweet Thing. - Join the Group (free)
Pay the Table 1L and get the gift and 1L refund

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Find #484

Gown: BLUE COUTURE - INNOCENCE DRESS - Group Gift Tag (free to join) [free]
Skin: =^.^= Curious Kitties Shop -  Azil Feather Skin (in 8 colors) [free]
SLink Mid Shoes: :SMC: Open Side Pumps [free]
(box includes SLink and Normal Feet options)

Find #483

Dress, Earrings & Necklace: + Lika Ruby + Group Gift Tag (Free to join) [free]
SLink Flat Sandals: :SMC: Ribbon Sandals - Demo Gift [free] 
(Note: This also contains regular sandals for NON-SLink feet!)
Dress: + Lika Ruby + Group Gift Tag (Free to join) [free]
SLink Flat Sandals: :SMC: Ribbon Sandals - Demo Gift [free] (same sandals as above)
(Note: This also contains regular sandals for NON-SLink feet!)

Monday, June 23, 2014

Find #482

June 20 - July 6
Each shop has a 1L gift in the shape of an ice cream cone... Some were 0L when I was there, but I am posting them all as 1L so no one gets upset! Below are SOME of the items you can find there for 1L! 
 Hair in all post is from a past post Eaters Coma - Group Gift Tag [free]

 1. Skin: Style by Kira @ SFF  - Lulu Skin - [1L] 
 Dress with Sandals: DAF02 @ SFF [1L] 

2. Dress: Armony @ SFF [1L]
Lipsticks: Tir na nOg @ SFF (Pack of 10 colors) [1L]

3. Skin: .::WoW Skins::. @ SFF (Aurora) [1L]
Maxi Dress: ...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::... @SFF  (HUD w/ 4 Patterns) [1L]

4: Makeup, Bow, Top, Skirt & Shoes:  **Brii Underground Wear** @ SFF  [1L]

5. Tube Top: .ARISE. @ SFF (with Tango Applier) [1L]
Leggings: Bad Apple Designs Mainstore @ SFF (pack of 4 colors) [1L] 
SLink Shoes for Flat Feet: \m/ LAVAROCK CREATIONS \m/ @ SFF  
(with Color/Pattern Change HUD) [1L]

6. Dress: KL Couture @ SFF [1L] 

7. Dress: >>>Poison<<< @ SFF (with Tango Applier) [1L]

8. Flowers in Hair & Shoulder Hamster: BLUE COUTURE @ SFF [1L each]
(The hamster is so cute I've been wearing it since I got it!)
Top & Shorts: <3 Lolita @ SFF  (with Tango Applier) [1L]

9. Top: *TuttiFrutti* @ SFF [1L]
(shorts were from #8)  

10. Top: Kaithleen's @ SFF [1L] 

11. Top & Shorts: [Glitzz] @ SFF [1L]

12. Bikini: Faboo. @ SFF (with Tango Applier & WowMeh Applier) 

13. Swimsuit: Lushish Catz @ SFF (with Tango Applier & Cute/Phat AZZ Applier) 

14. Dress: blah.BLAH.blah @ SFF  (pack with 4 colors)
(shoes from #5) 

15. Tank top & Boxers: Egoxentrikax @ SFF (with Tango Applier & PhatAzz Applier) [1L]

16. Maxi Dress: Entice @ SFF [1L]

Find #481

Glasses, Cigarette, Dress, Tattoo and Boots: Azkaban - group tag gift

Find #480

Jacket, Shirt and Jeans: Sweet Temptations - group tag gift

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Find #476

Below are some items found on the Hunt For Your Inner Slut 7 hunt.
They are not in any order - please make sure to check the official hunt blog for store order and hints. As always I do not give out the locations of the items, links are directly from the hunt blog. 

1. Bikini: ::JELLY:: 
(Appliers: Tango, Phat Azz, Ghetto Booty) HYIS7 Hunt [free]
(Appliers: Tango, Lush, Phat Azz, Ghetto Booty, Brazilia) HYIS7 Hunt [free]
3. Bra & Garter Belt: Lushish Catz 
(Appliers: Tago, Cute/Phat Azz) HYIS7 Hunt [free]
5. Bra & Crotchless Panties: L!ke 
(Appliers: Phat & Cute Ass, Wowmeh, Lush, Mused, Tango, Eboobs)  HYIS7 Hunt [free]
6. Mini Dress: .::Pink Sugah::.  
(Appliers: Phat Azz, Ghetto Booty, Tango/Lush/Evo, Brazilia, Wowmeh) HYIS7 Hunt [free]
7. Bikini, Sunglasses, SLink (HIGH) shoes: ModaMia 
(Appliers:Phat Azz, Ghetto Booty, Tango, Perfect Bum) HYIS7 Hunt [free] 
8. Mini Dress: [Glitzz] 
(Appliers: Phat/Cute Azz, Perfect Bum, Bunned, WowMeh, Lola)  HYIS7 Hunt [free]
9. Bikini: Nocturnal Couture 
(Appliers: Ghetto Booty, Phat/Cute Azz, Lolas, WowMeh) HYIS7 Hunt [free]
10. Bra & Panties: U:Refined 
(Appliers: WowMeh, Tango, Butt) HYIS7 Hunt [free] 

11. Sheer tank top, Panties & SLink (HIGH) shoes: .::Phat Bottom Girls::.
(Appliers: WowMeh, Tango, and others) HYIS7 Hunt [free] 

12. Top, Skirt, Panties & SLink (HIGH) shoes: .Sugar & Cyanide.  
(Appliers: Omega, Tango, Wowmeh) HYIS7 Hunt [free]

13. Corset, Skirt, Gloves & Stockings: B Barbie Style
(Appliers: Tango, SLink Feet, SLink Hands) HYIS7 Hunt [free]

14. Bikini: MoDANNA
(Appliers: Tango, Mirage, Luck Ass, UL Ghetto, Sking Brazilia, WowMeh)

Friday, June 20, 2014


I just finished the Hunt For Your Inner Slut hunt... who is excited to see the post?

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Find #475

Skin with Appliers for all photos: *HelloMyDeer* - Group Gift tag [free]
Hair for all photos:  ( r e d ) M i n t - Group Gift tag - [free]

Swimsuit with Tango Applier: :Purple Candy:: My Ombre - Group Gift Tag [free]

Swimsuit with Tango Applier: .::Phat Bottom Girls::. - Open Teal Bodysuit - Group Gift Tag [free]

Swimsuit with Tango Applier + Skirt: Laney's - Sweet Treats Hunt - [1L]

 Bikini with Tango Applier: <3 Lolita - Group Gift Tag [free]

Bikini: Has Been  - Store Gift [free]

Bikini with Tango Applier: ~CandyMetal~  - Group Gift Tag [free]

Monday, June 16, 2014

Find #474

Skin: .::Mother Goose's::. - Greta - Lucky Letter Board [free]
Top: {PopTart}  -  Pop Star Sweater - Group Gift Tag [free]
Leggings: Laney's Boutique - Metallic Zebra Leggins - June Group Gift from Laney's (6 colors) - Group Gift Tag - [free]
Shoes: Tukinowaguma - EldaLeopard Sandals - Group Gift Tag [free]

Find #473

Bikini w/ Appliers: .::Pink Sugah::. - Lovefool - Group Gift Tag - [free]
(Appliers include: Brazilia, Phat Azz, Ghetto Booty, Tango/Lush/Evo - I only have the Tangos :D )

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Find #472

Hair w/optional flower: [RunAway] Mainstore - Sun & Fun Hunt [free]
Dress, Boots & Makeup: **Brii Underground Wear ** - ROCKETT OUTFIT -  [1L]
*dressage whip not included

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Friday, June 13, 2014

Find #470

Top, Shorts and Boots: Goddess Couture - the roughin it hunt gift

Find #469

Hair: [LeLutka & Celoe]-Happy Holidays - Group Gift Tag [free]
Skin: ~PixyStix~ ::Penelope:: GG 04 - Group Gift Tag [free]
Bikini Top, Pants, Shoes, Bracelets & Sunglasses: Hollyhood - GREY STRIPED SUMMER OUTFIT - Group Gift Tag [free]

Find #468

Hair: Dura - Group Gift Tag [free] 
Shape & Skin: Lumae :: @ The Wash Cart Sale - Evie - [10L]
Dress: B&T @ The Wash Cart Sale  -Mesh Gown Tropic [1L]
Sunglasses: Hollyhood - Group Gift Tag [free]

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Find #467

Hair: Lelutka Mainstore - Group Gift Tag - free
Shape & Skin w/ Appliers (breast and bum): ~PixyStix~ ::Gabriella:: Sugar & Sugar Skull - 
MAY Group Gift Tag - free

Earrings: Pure Poison - Lala Earrings - Group Gift Tag - free 

Dress w/ Appliers: ~PixyStix~ - ::Got Stix?:: Dress (Tango & Phat Azz) - Group Gift Tag - free 


Find #466

Outfits with Wings & Pompoms: Boudoir - Croatia vs Brazil - Group Gift Tag - Free

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Find #465

Here are some of the freebies @
 The Candy Factory through June 14 
 Top, Jeans, Earrings, Necklace, Lip ring: [Plastik]  @ The Candy Factory 
Kyrie-Sea Captain (shirt) & Militia Jeans:// Pyramid Stud (jeans) 
(their box is filled with A LOT of goodies!) - free

Shoes: [KRC] @ The Candy Factory - Dragonfly  Rigged High Tops - free 

Tshirt & Shorts with Appliers for both: Beauty is Pain Boutique @ The Candy Factory

Shoes: Barely Legal @ The Candy Factory SLink (high) 

Top w/ Tango Applier & Skirt w/belt: Sugar & Cyanide @ The Candy Factory -  
Candy Girl Fat Pack - free  

 Dress: [Plastik]  @ The Candy Factory - Ambrice Dresses-Bellisima - free

 Earrings & Necklace: Lyrieal's Boutique @ The Candy Factory - free

Boots: [Plastik]  @ The Candy Factory  - Anathaema Legs:// Vertigo - free

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Find #464

Hair: little bones. Barbarella (w/color change HUD)- Group Gift Tag - free

Nurse outfit: //   WickedNight   // - Group Gift Tag (not VIP group) - free