Monday, June 9, 2014


Hi guys! We are trying to find and share the best in-world freebies and we would like your help deciding the best way to share them with you, for that we will be having a poll to decide if we should start posting our finds by group or subscriber or just keep posting in the blog. We appreciate you taking a minute of your time to vote on the poll located on the right side bar. Feel free to comment.
The blog posting will not be affected by this decision.

Thank you,

TSF Blogger Team


  1. So it seems the poll widget on Blogspot is working as usual, meaning not at all. *grins* So my vote would go for 'No', or more exactly nothing more than the blog. I already have too many groups, too many subscriptions, and too many notices to read when I log in. I subscribed to the blog via email, and that's enough for me.
    And thanks for asking us our opinion!

  2. Thank you Erika! I just figured out it wasn't working. BOO! Don't worry, we will still post our finds via the blog in any case. :) Thanks for reading. Sarahlin