Monday, June 16, 2014

Find #473

Bikini w/ Appliers: .::Pink Sugah::. - Lovefool - Group Gift Tag - [free]
(Appliers include: Brazilia, Phat Azz, Ghetto Booty, Tango/Lush/Evo - I only have the Tangos :D )


  1. Why are her hips so out of proportion to her whole body? I've seen this in sl and have wondered why they look like this. No one has a body like this in rl. It looks so strange and fake. I encourage responses. Thanks

    1. Hi Anonymous! There are heaps of things in Second Life that I don't think overlap with RL. I would venture to guess no one's body looks a thing like their RL self. I'm pretty sure most us don't have ballgowns in our closets in RL homes. We don't wear fake feet and hands because they are easier to put nail polish on. Another example, I DO NOT have DDs, but when there is an applier with a freebie I try to make sure I blog it. Does my SL avie wear Lola's when I'm not blogging? Nope. Do I have perfect hair that is never out of place like my SL self? Nope. Can I fly? Nope. I am sorry you do not like posts where the body doesn't look "RL". I hope you can look past a shape you don't care for and enjoy the what is being blogged.