Monday, May 26, 2014

To SLink or Not to SLink

It's true, I've been away from SL for a bit. I come back to find this SLink foot thing. And I am CONFUSED. SLink shoes seemingly cannot be worn without the feet.

Unlike the fake breast uprising if you don't have the feet (and there are 3 to buy) you cannot wear the shoes. WHHHHAAAT? I was ready to just go on my merry no SLink foot way until I made the mistake of doing a hunt that wasn't free. Not knowing what each gift was, of course, I come home and end up trying on at least three pairs of shoes that I had "paid" for (please understand it wasn't much) and I cannot use them. I took my little avie to SLink central, grab the demo, spend awhile reading the directions and trying the demo. Heck, I even grabbed the SLink head and gave that a try...and to that end I truly hope it doesn't catch on.

Overall, the fake foot seemed ok. I nearly got the skin to match, depending on what windlight setting I was using. I am sitting here unsure how to deal with the SLink thing. Do I go spend 675L x 3 (low, mid, and high) so I can prance around wearing more lag causing feet??

To be fair to the SLink thing I have never understood the alpha/fake foot thing. It never matches anyone's skin. They always look awful except on your screen. The HUDS are a joke almost always. I could go on and on. 

I get the mesh breasts. Women really do have greatly varying chest sizes. I'm not a fan, but I get it. I nearly get the SLink hands. I've never been able to get a set of fake nails on my avie - but I can live with that. But feet and heads?

So comment down below and let me know what you think!




  1. Funny, I almost went the other way: I was probably one of the first to buy mesh feet, simply because the 'normal' SL feet just look so ugly. But it was only for the times when I was bare-feet, I didn't imagine shoe designers would make shoes that require you to have a particular brand of mesh feet. This, I find totally silly: my SL feet are *not* SLink's, and I actually think they look better than SLink's. So just to wear shoes, I'd have to buy another set of feet that I think look worse than the ones I already have!? Come on…
    As for other mesh parts, I never got into these: mesh breasts are a hack and are a hell to find proper clothes for, I've always found mesh hands quite weird-looking, and a mesh head is just out of the question: I like mine too much. I did go for a fitted mesh body recently though, simply because it just made me look like a better version of myself, without changing me too much. I still have issues with the hands though, which are mesh too, and that I don't really like. I would have preferred to keep my 'normal' SL hands.
    So to answer the question in your post: no SLink for me. If shoe designers don't want me as a customer because I don't have SLink feet, so be it, their problem, not mine. I would understand if shoes were compatible with SLink feet, like, they include their own, but if you have SLink's and want to keep them, you can. But *requiring* to have SLink feet is just dumb to me, I just won't buy stuff that tries to force me to buy something else, period.

    1. Thank you so much for commenting. :)
      I think you have brought up an excellent point that people are being "forced" to buy one thing if they want to rock a certain shoe or footware style.

  2. Great that you are back blogging!
    I have done the same mistake as you.
    Have been doing hunts and getting shoes I can’t use.
    The same thing with group gifts they seem to be Slink all of them atm.
    It’s too much, 3 different feet just for shoes!! It used to be fun to dress up your avatar in SL but now its getting to complicated .It takes the fun out of it. Too much to keep track on in your inventory . And I guess that when everyone has bought all the Slink attachments’ then someone gets a new idea and the Slink is gone and all the designers starts with something new again.Im against this wave of body parts flooding SL

    1. YES! It will be another flood of some other thing. I have no doubt. Here's what I want to know...they don't seem to be churning out SLink shoes for the men... What does that say? hmmmm.

  3. Great article. Like you, I am on the fence about the Slink Feet. Koodos to the Slink Brand offering developers kit allowing for the creators to make their own line of shoes( they also have a mesh hand line kit). In general Slink certified shoes cost about 25%-45% less than a full out original creation by renowned brands. However, the cost of the initial investment for Slink Feet is steep and complex to learn for a newbie. My concern is that SL Shoe Creators will stop creating their own original content seeing how Slink is expanding it's market share and eventually at this pace will become a "must have'. Perhaps Shoe Creators should consider adding a more affordable outlet line to their shoes. Of course as a consumer,you can chose not to purchase slink feet and remain with the System Feet which are in themselves unpalatable and/or continue to support shoe creators original content or you can make your comments to LL. However, if I side with economic wisdom, one needs to ensure that a market monopoly does not occur as this will have the tendency to increase cost, discourage innovative content and create frustrations.

    1. Thank you!

      I think you may have fleshed-out just what I was TRYING to say. It would be most awesome if SL Shoe Creators still made great shoes as well as the SLink. It would be even better if they SLink was a little more like the applier deal ie. you can wear them if you have SLink or you can rock the style with your LL feet.

      I think at this point I am going to have to go on SLink-less. :D

  4. I have been thinking about this too. N-Core seems to have the best solution, but their shoes are pricey. Skin makers supply the RGB value, say
    in note card.
    But I am more upset by the hunts all going to charging and you have no idea what you are "buying". As you said, it is a small amount, but it adds up.

    1. I agree that people should be warned when doing a paid hunt about not being able to even WEAR the item they are buy.

  5. I've had mu SLINK feet and hands since the beginning, and absolutely love them. Most skin creators have appliers, so you don't even have to bother color matching skin, easy peasy! Hucci and ieQED make some fantastically sexy shoes too ... I own all 3 SLINK feet, and a few hands. Nail appliers are a cinch!

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