Monday, July 7, 2014

Find #507

 Eyes: .lollidoll. cute eyes october 2013 gift - Group Gift Tag (free to join) [free] 

Makeup, Earrings, Vest & Leggings:  * Mon Cheri * - There's a table with 0L items! Scoop them up. [free] 

Monroe Piercing: A:S:S deLuxe - Free Monroe piercing - [free]

Slink for High Feet Heels:  M-NUS - DEMI HEELS FOR SLF&O - Group Gift Tag [free]

I TRY my very best not to do any "editorial" stuff. Which is hard, trust me. But I have to tell you guys that I found this cool harem outfit, got it all ready, shot a cute photo. I go back to the store right before I go to publish the post, and the gift has been CHANGED. The HORROR! This happens to bloggers a lot. I mean A LOT. Now, it would have been super neat if the next item was similar to the last. However it was changed to a shirt and jeans. :( They are pretty and all but not as cool and fantasy-fun as the other. So I an going to stick the photo and link to the store in this post. I know it's not free. It WAS a group gift as of Saturday/Sunday. It must have just been changed. 

ChiChickie! (Emma) - Hair Fair is Coming Hunt @ the store 
9 stars to find - [free] 
Harem pants, Bra & Pants, Earrings, Bracelets, Belly Ring & Neck Corset w/ Tango Applier: 
----->  RAMP <----  - * 1001 NIGHTS * Red - Was a group gift, no longer free. :(

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